Welcome to our world!

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Our #baumbags initiative

thanks to  We already have 1300 of your support  TREES  let plant! Become part of our world.


plasticfree Verpackung


environmentally friendly packaging

Our #baumbags initiative

thanks to  We already have 1300 of your support  TREES  let plant! Become part of our world.

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Welcome to our world!

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At Grainov Sand, we firmly believe that passion is the real driver of all dreams.

Our sustainable tote bags, shoppers, and accessories made of canvas are the result of an intensive design process. We play with colors, textures, and patterns to create a harmonious product.

Through our artisanal processes, we are committed to optimizing resource consumption and supporting sustainable initiatives.

Stop by and discover our sustainable bags for slow fashion lovers and conscious consumers.

Become part of our world!.

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Our #baumbags initiative


Thanks to your support we have already planted almost 1600 TREES!


We are grateful to nature and our world for the materials and resources that enable the design and manufacturing of our bags and accessories. These sources we want to protect while helping to preserve our environment in the long term.


With your order, you help us to promote initiatives to have more trees planted worldwide. This reduces the environmental impact of the production and distribution processes while supporting sustainable practices that represent our brand and help to preserve nature.


plant a tree. more trees


Harmony. bedruckte Taschen




the heart of Grainov sand


Harmony in our designs, in our work-environment ... but also with nature, our partners, and the world.

For us, harmony is a holistic concept. From the choice of the colors, the patterns to the last detail in the packaging. Our guide and also the distinctive factor that summarizes our work, our collections, and our world.


Locally produced




All our products are designed and manufactured by us in Germany. Our harmonious and exclusive prints are also created 100% by us locally.

Our business partners are mainly located in the EU as well. They are mostly local producers and traders, who also work committed to sustainability and fairness.

hergestellt in Deutschland


recycled packaging


eco-friendly & carefully packed




We avoid using plastic for the packaging and only use reusable or recycling materials.

Our packaging is designed together with our suppliers paying attention to the use of renewable materials as well as materials from certified sources.

We pack every bag and every accessory very carefully with the aim of protecting not only your products but also our environment.

less waste, more recycling




In all process steps, we pay particular attention to optimizing resources and materials and thereby keeping waste to a minimum. This starts with carefully planning our cutting process to maximize the usage of our fabrics and materials.

The remaining scraps or small rests of fabrics are therefore not simply disposed of, but collected and mostly used to create small accessories such as scrunchies.